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Congatulations to Nikki Van Dijk for the Success in 2010.

Nikki Van Dyke - Tubetime Surfboards

Save Kirra - go to the Coastal Alliance website to see more info and sign the E-Petition. Go ahead have a say about your waves!

Tubetime Surfboards - Gold Coast, Australia

Tubetime Surfboards Fish Surfboard with ArtworkTubetime Surfboards is located right next to the Super Bank on the southern end of the Queensland's Gold Coast in Australia. We are surrounded by perfect surf from the Gold Coast, through the Tweed Coast down to Byron Bay and Northern New South Wales. Tubetime looks at each surfer and specializes in producing the right surfboard for you. We change the board to suit the surfer not the other way around.

Tubetime Custom SurfboardsTubetime Surfboards Gold Coast Australia

At the pro am competition level we have high performance designs including competition models, light weights, epoxy, carbon / Kevlar, XTR and other innovative materials. We are always looking for ways to improve your surfing experience. We custom make high quality performance surfboards on the Gold Coast that take the surfer to their next level. We make sure that you are proud to have a Tubetime Surfboard in your quiver.

DIY Shaping Workshop

DIY Surfboard Making Workshop

Learn the fine art of Surfboard making from a master tradesman. Attend an DIY Surfboard Making Workshop and not only learn the secrets to shaping and Glassing but walk away with a new board.


Tubetime Surfboards Longboard Surfboard Sales Gold Coast AustraliaRetail and Wholesale Surfboards and AccessoriesRetail and Wholesale Surfboards on the Gold Coast

Customers come back to Tubetime Surfboards because our boards work for them. Retail sales is the primary market for Tubetime Surfboards Australia. In conjunction with the retail sales Tubetime also has a wholesale market for large volumes of custom boards with personalized branding and logos. We guarantee our products because we only use high quality materials and handcrafted workmanship. Tubetime Australia produces the Latest State of the art short boards, Grommy boards, Guns, Fishes , Twin Fins, Quads, Big boys, Mini Mals, Long boards, Fun boards, Retro, Balsa, and Paddle Boards. Beautiful looking glass tints, pin lines, and multiple stringers. Custom airbrushed artwork and graphics. Irresistible, addictive surfboards. Contact Alan for a one-on-one consultation. Check out these dog Leads for cool mercandice for your pooch.

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