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Hi this is Al from Tubetime surfboards. Here is a little info on my background and what we are about at Tubetime.

I started surfing at age 11 on a coolite belly board. In 1967 I progressed to a 9í 6Ē Gordon Woods Malibu. I did my first full rail bottom turn on that board at point roadnight in Victoria. In 1968 I started custom shaping boards in my dadís garage, at the same time I was completing an apprenticeship in Engineering. After my apprenticeship I moved into Shaping custom surfboards full time at Phillip Island surfing shaping and becoming a part of the Island culture. I was a keen member of the Island Boardriders Club. Some of the manufacturers I worked included Oke Surfboards, Island Surfboards, Fullcircle, Offshore and my own label Starship.

Alan Colk Charging at Express Point Phillip Island Australia

In 1974 I moved to Torquay and worked for Ripcurl, shaping custom boards with Paddy Morgan and Wayne Lynch. While in Torquay I also worked for Klemm Bell, Watercooled, Strapper and Piping Hot. At this time I gained a wealth of experience surfing Bells and Winki Pop and the surrounding waves of the awesome west coast. In the 80ís after doing a stint in the North West W.A. surfing the Bluff and the Nigaloo Reefs I moved back to the Gold Coast and set up an airbrushing business spraying artwork for Nev Surfboards, Bros Nielsen and other manufacturers. In the 90íS I started the Tubetime Surfboards label.

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Now with over 40 years experience in the surfing industry and having surfed many waves around world, my passion continues. Designing and shaping boards that will help each surfer realise their full potential in the surf while having fun. I make surfboards to suit all levels and have the understanding and knowledge of design that makes a board work for you. I believe to make boards for the serious recreational surfer is a great challenge as they are all so individual in there needs, sizes ages and abilities. This is why I take pride in making sure you get the right board. If you want a surfboard that will work for you, don't pick one off the shelf let me shape the one that will work for YOU!Alan Colk - Tubetime in Fiji

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