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When you think Gold Coast Surfboards think Tubetime Surfboards. Tubetime Surfboards make Custom Boards designed and Shaped to your requirements on the Gold Coast. We change the surfboards to suit the surfer not the other way around.

At the pro am competition level we have high perfomance designs including competition models, light weights, epoxy, carbon / Kevlar, XTR and other innovative materials. We are always looking for ways to improve your surfing experience. We custom make high quality performance craft that take the surfer to their next level. Tubetime Long Boards

Long Boards

The quality and performance of the Tubetime Longboards is renound in the Australian Long Board fraternity. Top level surfers such as Tony Abood, Alby Ross and Dean "Chook" Walpole all choose to ride Tubetime Longboards. Tony Abood recently took out first in his division at the Malfunction on the Gold Coast. Tubetime Fun Boards

Fun Boards

In addition to the mini mal and the hybrid being fun boards. The larger fishes and twin fins add another dimension to fun surfing. These boards have good stability and floatation. The design of the twin fin fish or try fin fish give that instant acceleration and squirt when you take off and bottom turn. These boards turn on a dime and allow radical surfing. Ideal for the heavier or older surfer still wanting to have fun in the surf, they do not require the surfer to have superior paddle fitness like short boards do. My personal favorite is a 7’ tri fin fish. This is my choice for having fun in the surf. These boards are available in twin fin side fins and a smaller back fin, or they also perform well with a thruster set up.

Tubetime Surfboards - Mini Mal Surfboards

Mini Mal Surfboards

Mini mals’ come in an assortment of designs The basic mini mal is a shorter and narrower version of the long board. Lengths ranging from 7’6” to 8’6” they give a shorter feel with better maneuvering but still retain good floatation. From the standard rocker and outline more refined hybrids are created. More curve and tail lift, drawn in noses and concaves. These Hybrid fun boards allow the surfer more radical surfing with tighter turns and a short board feel. Hybrid designs are also good for light weight learners and female surfers. Lengths from 6’8” to 7’6” Standard tri fin set up. Try one they are a lot of fun!

Tubetime Surfboards Australia Short Boards

Short Boards

Tubetime Surfboards has a wealth of experience when it comes to Shortboard shaping. Alan has shaped alongide some of the most highly respected shapers in the world such as Daren Hanley from DHD, Simon Anderson and Nev Hyman from Nev Surfboards and Firewire Surfboards. Tubetime Grommie Surfboards

Grommie Boards

Grommie Boards are similar to Short Boards but they are made specifically to the riders size and ability to get the most out of there surfing. On the Gold Coast Tubetime Surfboards has a reputation for producing high quality Grommie Boards for these surfers of the future. On of the up and coming champions in the industry Nikki Van Dijk loves competing on her custom built Tubetime surfboard. Tubetime Big Wave Gun Surfboards

Big Wave Guns

Surfing big waves in Hawaii, Indo, Fiji, Phillip Island, and North West W.A. has provided Alan Colk with a background to know what the big wave surfer wants in a Gun. Tubetime has a range of templates that have been proven in the big conditions. Tubetime Fish Surfboard

Fish Boards

Alan has a kindship to fish surfboards as they represent the quintesential motive of surfing for fun! If you don't want to kill every other surfer in the water, and your nervana is going down the beach and finding an isolated break with your mates then Alan can shape the board that you will love to surf. If you like surfing for fun on the Gold Coast consider trying one of Tubetime's Fish Surfboards Tubetime Retro Surfboards